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Master Experience with Bruguera - Dental Training Center


Master Experience with Bruguera - Dental Training Center


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Do you want to take a leap in your professional career, change your life?

If your answer is YES!...come to the master. This is a complete course that deeply goes beyond every field of ceramics. We provide a full arch to restore with 4 different techniques (metal free). An excellent opportunity to learn a lot in a short period of time and also enjoy the sunny and beautiful Barcelona!

When you finish you will master your works and will have control of your professional life. Work where you want, manage your own Lab or improve your current job position.

Dates: 11-15 June 2018

Timing: 5 days from 9:30-18:30 aprox.

Language: English

Place: Dental Training Center Barcelona

Teacher: August Bruguera

Price: 2500 € that includes the course itself, the material and models of the training, personalized t-shirts, diploma, the meals that are made in the center (breakfast, lunch, snack and all coffees) and a group dinner with great Spanish menu.


Normally we will use a lot of energy to plan thoroughly aesthetic resolution of our patients, but we may not pay as much attention to what lies beneath it.

In this intensive ceramics course, we aim to assimilate the concepts needed to plan and carry out step by step an esthetic rehabilitation using all possible techniques available to us today and the various materials (layering technique, makeup and mixed). This will be done clearly and with a methodology that will give us predictable and highly satisfactory results in any situation, being able to quickly implement the protocols in our laboratory with the aim of increasing the quality of our product without having to lower our production.

Each part of the course content will be treated in a theoretical and practical. 


• Clinics preparations: Analyze what kind of preparation is the most advisable, where the critical points are and how they should be controlled. In abutments for crowns or on veneers.

• Prints: It will be seen what kind of impression tray is the most suitable for each case as well as printing materials and techniques. What is really that we can control and that it would be handled by the clinician.

• Diagnostic wax, mock up and provisional: We will analyze, what is the most appropriate procedure “step by step” when we have to generate a diagnostic wax on superior rehabilitation. Information that will be supplied by the clinician and how we interpret it. We will see if it is possible to perform a “mock up” and what are the different techniques to achieve this. Once the diagnostic wax, how we transfer the information obtained to an aesthetic and functional provisional.

• Shade determination: It will take the color of a central incisor of one of the participants analyzed the tooth color. Features color and translucency of enamel.

• Ceramics: Once we have the structures and models for veneers, will discuss the application of zir liner, the wash of pressed ceramic structures (which technique and which mass), porcelain shoulders (when, how much and what color). .. to finish with ceramic layering based on a standard color. To do this we will see the different types of layering possible and what are the premises for whatever type chosen get 100% natural results:

  1. staining technique.
  2. Incisal-reduction technique.
  3. Intermediate-firing technique.
  4. Full-layering technique to a single cooking.

Will finish with a simple technique to reproduce small features of morphologies and surface brightness.

• Polishing and preparation of the inner part of the structures:

We’ll see how we end the final preparation as treat the inside of the structures to be left in perfect condition for cementing both Zr metal structures or injected ceramic and veneers. The entire course will be performed on plaster and epoxy resin models being this last our control model where we will check the correct positioning of the emergence profiles and marginal adjustments. All work protocols will be detailed according to the layering technique used.


  • 4 posterior staining crowns, two of them will be modeled in the course monitoring morphology and marginal adjustment.
  • 1 crown with a small stratification (a lot of structure) on cut-back.
  • 1 posterior complex stratification on zirconium structure.
  • Infiltration in zirconium structure
  • 2 anterior complex stratifications with intermediate cooking technique.

About August Bruguera:

Technician Specialist in Dental Prosthesis at “Ramón y Cajal de Barcelona” School; ACADEN honours member; Former consultant member of the North American magazine “Signature International”; Member of the publishing committee of the dental magazine “Dialogue”, Spanish edition; Member of the publishing committee of the dental magazine “Estetica”, Brasil edition; Author of the book “Sombras, un mundo de color” (Shadows, a world of colour), edited in Spanish, English and German; Author of the book “Invisible”, edited in Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, Japanese, Italian; 2003 Golden Bistoury; Director of “Disseny Dental bcn” Laboratory and Dental Training Center Barcelona; Director of the Dental “Excellence España”.



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